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Easy Time Logs Web-based Software gives project oriented offices a simple tool for the analysis of employee effort hours. Easy to both use and administer, the system can be deployed via the web so you can use it with any computer in the World. Business managers can then manage employee real-time attendance and activity via a feature-rich, web-enabled user interface.

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Press Release
Easy Time Logs, Bits Do Matter.

Although every day gives everyone of us exactly 24 hours, by the end of the day it often seems that a great deal of our time was impertinently stolen – we have worked like bulldozers and nevertheless there’s still a lot of leftovers for tomorrow.

The time seems to leak away through every loophole it can find, leaving us helpless and hopeless about regaining it. But if you analyze your daily activities deeper, you’ll be surprised to find out that not a minute of your time was actually stolen; instead, a great deal of it was swallowed by the countless number of little things that you didn’t plan for but had to take care of. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to foresee all little things of a project, plan for them ahead, and enjoy the confidence and peace of mind?

With Easy Time Logs, you get in the position of controlling your time and become the one who decides where and whether a certain bit of time will go toward some project. No matter how large your project is (and how many of them are in the development), in this time management helper you can unfold it to the utmost, tiny detail, see all of such little distracters (along with all major stages of the project) and how exactly how much time each task, a group of tasks or the entire project will take, who is in charge of each action, and how the project can be rearrange to boost its efficiency. Moreover, the application operates in the real-time mode, so at any given moment you’ll be able to see what’s going on in general at any stage and what exactly any project participant is up to.

The software is easy to use and administer and can be operated and managed through the Web by authorized users from any computer in the world. It supports multiple clients and subcontractors, has a billing engine and supports secure transactions, enabling you to automate your customers and subcontractors operations and saving your precious time and budget.

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