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Easy Time Logs Web-based Software gives project oriented offices a simple tool for the analysis of employee effort hours. Easy to both use and administer, the system can be deployed via the web so you can use it with any computer in the World. Business managers can then manage employee real-time attendance and activity via a feature-rich, web-enabled user interface.

If you are looking for ideal and affordable solution for you or your organization then this is the right place. Learn why Easy Time Logs will help you make your business simple!
Easy Time Logs Software Customization
Easy Time Logs provides major time management tools within our software, however sometimes these tools need to be adjusted or customized for your company; or you simply need a new report. Our professional team will help identify, design and develop custom solutions for you based on our trusted development platforms and experience. We have a great experience of software customization in the past with a great degree of success making significant savings for our customers.
Just contact us with your specific needs request and our professional team will evaluate your requirements and get back to you with an estimate of the development costs and time involved to provide you with your own version.
Typically, when we can add the feature that you requested into our standard version of Easy Time Logs and then use it to the benefit of all our other customers, we will offer you up to 50% price cut on the development costs.
To request an obligation-free quotation, just send an email to: info@easytrinity.com listing all the details of your special needs. We encourage you to include all possible scenarios and detailed new features description.
Easy Time Logs Web Hosting
Most software providers want nothing to do with hosting and managing their software applications. That's just one area where Easy Trinity is different. At Easy Trinity, we realize that every customer has unique support requirements (including data backup) that must be fulfilled to make their project successful.
You manage the data; we manage the server hardware and networking. All application functions work the same as if you purchased the software and installed it on your own premises. In either case you use the same web browser.
You will enjoy the reliable availability of the service and the top priority treatment you get with Easy Time Logs Software Hosting Service. You talk directly to technical consultants who actually built the software and specialize in your application.
To request an obligation-free quotation, just send an email to: info@easytrinity.com listing all the details of your special needs.
Easy Time Logs Software Maintenance
Easy Time Logs Maintenance Service provides a cost-effective way to receive product updates, bug fixes and get prompt technical support.
While we make every effort to make our software products easy to use, it is common for users to have some questions. At Easy Trinity we provide prompt, courteous and knowledgeable technical support. Technical support issues can first be submitted via E-mail. However, we are certainly available by phone when it becomes necessary.
We are constantly adding improvements to our Easy Time Logs Software. New releases and updates are made available on an average of every month. Updates often include new help files. Subscribers to the Annual Software Maintenance Service receive all updates and releases at no cost.
If a customer does not renew participation in the plan but later decides to do so, the customer must pay for the skipped time in order to return to the plan. This is the policy since the customer will be receiving all updates and releases developed during the skipped period.
Participation and payment is optional. It is our desire to earn your renewal by providing great updates and enhancements.
To request an obligation-free quotation, just send an email to: info@easytrinity.com to provide us with detailed information about your request.

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